Testimonials – Children

Brook Hillman

“How Chiropractic Has Helped With Reflux, difficulties sleeping, chronic tonsillitis, better grades.”

“Nine weeks ago, we took our 8 year-old daughter Brooke to Inner Spirit. We heard their ad on the radio explaining how they have helped children. Since birth Brooke has struggled with reflux. She takes reflux medication daily but would still suffer with problems. At seven months Brooke had two open heart surgeries due to a hole in her heart. Ever since those surgeries she never slept well. She had a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. She would sleep 6 to 7 hours a night. The doctors told us a lot of children are like that.

After the first week of adjustments, improvements began immediately. Brooke was sleeping 10 hours a night! She went to sleep within 10 minutes and stayed asleep. After three weeks of adjustments we were able to cut her reflux medication in half!

Brooke has had many sore throats in her lifetime that have required antibiotics and sometimes a double antibiotic. Her tonsils always swell up with white spots which always turn into a bacterial infection. Her doctor told us this year that if she has many more she will have to have her tonsils removed. Two weeks ago Brooke complained of a sore throat. Her throat was red with white spots. We told Dr. Nicole and she adjusted that area. We even went in for an extra adjustment. After 5 days Brooke’s throat was back to normal. This was the first time she did not need an antibiotic for a sore throat.

Our family is very excited about the changes we are seeing in Brooke since going to Inner Spirit. Brooke is getting better grades in school and her teacher said she is the top reader in her class. We would recommend Inner Spirit to anyone. They are great with children. Brooke has recruited three family members that are also going to Inner Spirit and there are more to come. Brooke loves Dr. Nicole and the whole staff at Inner Spirit. They really care!

We know there are many more improvements in Brooke’s life to come and we can’t wait to see the results. Thanks Dr. Nicole!”

~Doug & Lynette Hillman

“How Chiropractic Has Helped With improving the quality of life for this Special Needs Child.”

Jeremy turned 5 years old in June 2005. Dr. Nicole Lackner has treated him since the end of January 2004. He was born full-term after a quick delivery by the nurse without the doctor present. He was fine after birth with Apgars of 8 and 8. At 2 hours old he was picking his head up off my shoulder and we thought he was such a strong, healthy baby.

Jeremy today, swimming with dolphins!

“. . . The pediatrician thought it was meningitis because I was strep positive and did not get treated properly with antibiotics before delivery. The ER did a full septic workup and a spinal tap. After the tap, he had many episodes where he gagged and could not breathe. The

doctors never witnessed an episode but one of the nurses did and had the doctor order a pulse ox to monitor him. It alarmed many times, but he always appeared fine when I checked him. He was released after four days of intensive antibiotics and they said the cultures were negative. The doctors said he must have caught a virus on the way out of the hospital when he was released as a newborn.

“At 2 1/2 weeks old, we knew something was not right because he would not startle to sound. His hearing was tested at 2 months old with a BAER test and was fine. Since he could hear usbut he was not responding, we thought he could have autism, which we discussed with the pediatrician. At 7 months old the doctor said that since he was lagging so far behind, we should see a neurologist. The neurologist told us it was definitely not autism and ordered an EEG and MRI. The EEG showed a tendency for seizures, although they were not apparent for a few more months. He then had a couple of attacks where he threw his arms out, stiffened up and held his breath. After that, he was just twitching constantly all day long every day. The seizures are now under control with a small dose of Klonapin.

Dr. Nicole with Jeremy

“His first MRI showed what they thought was a stroke on both sides of the back of the brain. This was supposed to explain his delays and also his lack of vision. He did later gain some vision by working with a vision therapist. Further MRI’s made the doctors change the diagnosis to dysmyelinating disease, which means the white matter was failing to grow normally. It stayed at a 3 month old level for 3 years and is not expected to grow after the age of 2 1/2. His last MRI at 4 years old might have shown a very small improvement. His diagnosis has changed back and forth several times from dysmyelinating disease from an unknown cause to Leukodystrophy. We are always asking tons of questions at his neurologist visits, most of them they cannot answer. We have been told that “he is a puzzle and we have not figured him out yet” and to “stop worrying so much and enjoy him while you can”.

“In the Early Intervention program, Jeremy had therapy at home starting at 8 months old, seven times per week. He had physical, occupational, speech, developmental, and vision therapy. Since starting school at age 3 he has had physical, occupational, speech andvision therapy at school and some additional physical therapy at home. We have also taken himfor therapeutic horseback riding and a 3-week intensive suit-therapy program at Easter Seals. We have seen progress with each of these therapies, but the most dramatic changes have taken place since he started see ing Dr. Nicole. If we were not positive this was helping, we would not have been traveling 3 hours each way twice a week for treatment. Now Jeremy usually sees Dr. Nicole once a week.

“Before starting treatment with Dr. Nicole, Jeremy could sit for a very short time, maybe a couple of seconds. He can now sit for longer periods, holds himself much straighter, has better balance, controls his head much better and does not fling it back violently the way he used to. He started initiating peek-a-boo and places his hands perfectly over his eyes. Before, he would not start playing on his own and would place his hands somewhere on his face, but he was not able to lift them to cover his eyes. He is clapping his hands really well, which he could not do before, and if you are patient enough to wait for it, he will give you a high five. Now when I pick up Jeremy, he will sometimes hold tightly and squeeze me, like he is giving me a hug, and then he giggles.

“His school therapists make a point of telling me how well he is doing all the time. They seeincreased strength and ability in almost everything he does. He can pay attention and focus much longer during vision therapy and his eyes are in better alignment more often.

“After his seventh adjustment, he was able to stand with assistance without his legs quickly buckling at the knees. He scoots around on his back much quicker and with more enthusiasm and purpose, even following people or toys across the room. He recently started pulling himself along on his belly with his arms while dragging his legs. We think this could be his first step toward crawling. He was always a happy child and would win anyone over with his smile, but I have seen him happier and so have his therapists. He explodes into fits of laughing so hard he cannot stop. Jeremy Laughing He loves to get adjusted and usually giggles and laughs with each area adjusted,except he does not like his feet and toes done.

“We were previously working with him in a crawler, which suspends him in the crawling position over the floor. We would position his hands and knees under him and he would occasionally push off with them. We would have to reposition him each time to try again. Now we start him off in position and he pushes off and brings himself back into position over and over and flies across the room. We have been working with Jeremy in a pacer, which is a walker with a sling seat and back, arm, and side supports. When we first started, someone would pull the walker along while the other person moved his feet for him. Now, as I pull the walker along he will move both feet forward together by himself and sometimes will move his feet in turn independently for a step or two. On his own, he can push the walker backwards across the room.

“He had to rely on Milk of Magnesia or Babylax to relieve his constipation a couple of times per week. This problem is pretty much resolved since he started getting adjusted. He only has problems occasionally which shows that his body systems are working better.

“He has been making a lot more sounds and babbles, laughs, and participates during therapy. After the first few months of care, Jeremy said “Mama” for the first time. I had been waiting to hear that for so long. I cried for hours. Recently, he took a little break from babbling and stopped saying “Mama” but lately he is getting back to making more sounds and I think he is trying to say it again.

“At his 4-year-old check-up, the pediatrician said she did not see any reason why he would not be able to walk. Previously, they would just say he was too floppy and might never walk. We are getting more aggressive with working towards walking. Jeremy Walking I have arranged for his one hour of physical therapy per week at school to be increased to 1 1/2 hours. Also, at his check-up, his head circumference increased from 45 cm to 46.4 cm since his 3-year checkup. This is not expected at this age.

“We mentioned Jeremy’s chiropractic care to his neurologist and he told us it would not help him and to be careful what we believe. He did not have any answers as to why Jeremy is doing so well since he started chiropractic care. At Jeremy’s next visit, I think he was starting to believe in the benefits of chiropractic because he brought up the subject a couple of times during the visit.

“In January 2005, Jeremy was scooting himself on the floor, making kissing sounds and puckering his lips. He was now clapping his hands to music and keeping the beat. In February 2005, Jeremy was able to walk backwards in his walker with assistance and could make sounds with a whistle and kazoo. In March of 2005, Jeremy stood with assistance and lifted both arms to reach for mom. In April 2005, Jeremy started blowing kisses and does so when asked to. In May 2005, Jeremy pushed his walker backwards, all by himself and was moving very well. In 2004, he did not move his walker at all. During one of his May visits, Jeremy was angry. He expressed his feelings and grabbed both of Dr. Nicole’s hands at the same time. He had never grabbed her hands like this before. Jeremy could now lay flat on his back and lift/kick his legs high in the air while lifting both his head and shoulders off the table at the same time. In June 2005, his muscle strength had improved. Jeremy continues to get stronger and his coordination continues to improve with each adjustment.

“My husband, Chuck, said that all the other doctors we have taken Jeremy to have done nothing for him. The only one who has helped him improve is Dr. Nicole. He said that says it all.

“We would never have thought about chiropractic helping Jeremy if my husband had not heard Dr. Nicole’s commercial on the radio in Peoria about working with special needs children. My husband started driving a truck as an extra part-time job to help pay for Jeremy’s therapy and other expenses. In January 2004, he was sent to Peoria and heard her commercial. Luckily, he was able to jot down the phone number as he was driving. It was meant to be that Jeremy would find Dr. Nicole because why else would my husband have heard that one commercial on his only trip there. He was never sent back to Peoria after that one day.

“We are very grateful for what Dr. Nicole has done for Jeremy. I told Jeremy’s teacher and aide that I realized it was difficult with Jeremy missing so much school to go to the chiropractor. They both responded that it doesn’t matter, we have to keep going, the progress he has made is a miracle.

Thank you for taking the time to read Jeremy’s story.”

Sharon Berg and Family

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