Hip, Back and Neck Relief




“Whenever I would lay on the floor to play with my daughters, it was very painful to get up, because my right hip bone would always hit the floor.

“I decided to seek chiropractic care after witnessing the improvements my mother and daughter had at Inner Spirit Chiropractic. Additionally, the staff was very nice.

“Chiropractic has made a difference in my life. I feel like my body has the option of healing itself better without drugs. I had a healthy pregnancy, was able to lie on the floor and get up without hip pain and the pain in my back and neck are gone.

“I would recommend my chiropractor to anyone who needs to have their spine checked. Plus, I would recommend it to anyone who has been in an accident, or has had problems with organs, glands or other parts of the body not working properly. I love my chiropractor. She not only cares about your spine, she cares about you. She provides patients with lots of information regarding a wide variety of health related issues. She is just a great person who knows what she is doing.

“At Inner Spirit Chiropractic everyone is really nice. They always greet you with a smile and your name. They make scheduling convenient and it really is a family practice. Inner Spirit is a great Peoria chiropractor office.”