Neck, Back and Eye Relief





“The symptoms I had before I started my chiropractic care varied from lower back pain; to aches and pains in my hips; to neck pain; to some trouble with my eyes. The trouble with my eyes was that when I would turn my head too far to the left or right I would see white lights or it would fade to black. My neck was always stiff and lower back always ached. I always had trouble with my hands and wrists. They would go numb off and on throughout the day and swell.

“Since I have been under the care of Dr. Helena Lackner, of Inner Spirit Chiropractic, I don’t have the trouble with my eyes anymore, and the aches have been kept to the most minimal in my neck and lower back and some aches are completely gone. My hand and wrist trouble has improved dramatically in just a short time.

“I have only been seeing Dr. Helena for about a year, but the results have been amazing. To say the least, I would still be limping around popping and cracking like an old rocking chair if it wasn’t for the chiropractic care that I have received. If a loved one hadn’t told me about Dr. Helena I’d still be aching and groaning like I always did. This decision I made will definitely help me look forward to a healthy future instead of looking at the ground trying to figure out where I am going.

“I would recommend all of my family go simply because I feel better. The doctors and staff at Inner Spirit Chiropractic are to say at the very least; helpful, friendly and they will work with you when you need to get adjusted and they CARE!

Thank you Dr. Helena.”