Neck Pain



Carol Tiraboschi


“My daughter, Andrea, invited me to attend a seminar that Dr. Nicole was presenting one evening, and I attended with her.

“Though I cannot recall the exact topic of the presentation that evening, I do remember being impressed by Nicole’s professionalism, and her sincerity in explaining how chiropractic can help a person achieve better health and sense of well being. She took time to fully answer questions from the audience and kept everyone’s interest.

“I have terrible neck pain, and backaches, and I know when I am out of alignment, and need chiropractic help. The pains from either the neck or the back area are awful,  and I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered chiropractic care. I know I used a lot of over-the-counter pain relief medication!

“With chiropractic treatment tailored for my needs, Dr. Nicole has provided specific exercises to help strengthen the neck and back areas. A resource library is also available to patients if they would like to read more about the benefits of chiropractic versus ‘taking a pill for every pain’.

“I did not know what to expect from a first visit to a chiropractor, and was really happy that a medical consultation is done and x-rays taken before treatment begins.

“Inner Spirit is located in a nice, easy to get to area. The entire staff is friendly and each patient is treated with kindness and respect.

“If someone I knew indicated a need for a chiropractor or had questions on
“what is chiropractic all about”, I would recommend Inner Spirit, one of the best Peoria chiropractors.”