Acid Reflux




“I started to be seen over 1 year ago with Dr. Nicole Lackner, due to symptoms of nausea, palpitations, and acid reflux disease. My life was spent pacing, and living mainly day to day, trying to cope, after many prescriptions were prescribed by my doctor and had failed. My step mother Christy has worked for a chiropractor’s office for many years, and one summer on a trip to Minnesota to see her and my father, she told me about the benefits of chiropractic care. She went to a seminar in Vegas one year, and heard Dr. Nicole speak. She learned that she actually worked in the Peoria area. She felt very confident in Dr. Nicole that she would be able to help me. I had a few treatments in Minnesota before finding Dr. Nicole at Inner Spirit Chiropractic.

“On my first meeting with her, she seemed very knowledgeable and very understanding of my situation. I started my treatment right away with Dr. Nicole, and was so amazed at the change in my symptoms. I started to stop taking the medicine, and felt a world better.

“I have now been seen by Dr. Nicole once a week for treatment of my acid reflux disease, and have found that no medication is needed for my condition.  I am still able to live a normal life, eating, doing what I enjoy. I will continue to see Dr. Nicole as long as I possibly can and feel that everyone with whatever symptoms they have, should at least give this type of care a try. I have made several attempts to refer several people for chiropractic care, however I do run a crossed the skeptics. I then have explained how this has helped my life and at least I can see the wheels a turning as to why they continue to suffer. So hopefully one day with my praise of chiropractic care they will then try it themselves and feel the results.

“My experience with Inner Spirit Chiropractic has been one of great appreciation for all they have and will continue to do for me. I love everyone in that office. They are so much a part of my life now. I would like to thank all of them for everything that they have done.”