Athletic Performance


  • Athletic performance
  • Newborn jaundice
  • Improved quality of life

Nathan Durst

“I did not really think that I had any symptoms, but, occasionally, after playing a lot if sports my lower back would tighten up. I have always been healthy, but I am real active, and I wanted to be competitive in tennis as I get older.

“So, I decided to try chiropractic care, so that my body could perform at maximum output level. As I get older, I wanted every advantage possible.

“It seems like breathing is easier, and I can compete on the tennis court at a higher level in a relaxed state. I believe chiropractic care will keep my body healthier by preventing injury and allow for my body to function naturally without drugs or surgery.

“Anyone who has any type of pain that seems to not go away or periodically appears can benefit from chiropractic. By routinely using chiropractic care, a person′s quality of life can increase.

“At Inner Spirit Chiropractic, you can usually get in for an appointment at a convenient time, and the staff knows you real well. It is part of our family health care solutions.

“When our son was born, we had Inner Spirit Chiropractic check him over after his birth. He had jaundice. He had abnormal findings in the part of the spine that affects the liver. After one adjustment, he was no longer yellow. Our son is very healthy and happy we attribute a lot of that to chiropractic care.

“Overall, chiropractic care has been a great option for preventative healthcare for our family.”