Chronic Low Back Pain Relief





“Wow, Inner Spirit Chiropractic is the place to be! After experiencing chiropractic care for over 25 years, I would not have the results that I receive today without the care that comes from being a patient at Inner Spirit Chiropractic.

“I have battled chronic low back pain ever since high school basketball. I recently moved to this area from out of state and knew I needed a Chiropractor. I met Dr. Nicole at a local networking group called BNI. I was impressed with the results that she was receiving on children that others had deemed hopeless.

“I received a very thorough exam, including x-rays, and a scan that was a new experience for me. The best part of the initial exam was the explanation from Dr. Nicole on her findings. I trusted her analysis, and began treatment, which included more frequent visits than I was accustomed to in the past. The results that I received were not only great improvements in my low back pain, but also some bowel problems that I had been experiencing went away also. I found out that the nerve that was affected by the subluxation was causing the bowel problems. Once the adjustment took hold, I had instant results!! Now, I can tell when I am ready for an adjustment… I just feel better overall after I am done.

“I have recommended this clinic to everyone as an alternative to traditional medicine. In fact, my daughter is a patient here too. She lives out of state and has yet to find someone to take care of her needs like Inner Spirit Chiropractic does. I have learned that what ails you can be healed by the body itself when it is aligned like God meant it to be. Thank you Inner Spirit… you have given me a better quality of life!”