Ear Infections





“I experienced severe headaches before attending chiropractic care. I also had very bad lower back pains. Ear infections were also very frequent.

“My symptoms were really getting bad, and no doctors were really helping. They would prescribe me some kind of medicine that wouldn’t help, and my headaches would just get worse. Then once on the radio my mom heard Dr. Helena’s story about chiropractic care, and how it has helped her. So, my mom took me to Inner Spirit and we checked it out. We had our first scans done and saw actually how horrible my back was. (Mostly from playing Tuba for Marching Band) The staff and atmosphere really drew us in so we stuck with it.

“I no longer have headaches and I haven’t had an ear infection since I have been with Inner Spirit Chiropractic. My back aches are at a minimum. (I still play tuba so that still puts stress on my back)

“I will direct anyone with my symptoms towards Inner Spirit, or any chiropractor using the Gonstead method.

“I will recommend anyone with my, or similar, symptoms to Inner Spirit, who are great Peoria chiropractors.”

“Well, I wasn’t very sure at first if it would help. With my symptoms being around for so long, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of them. But after a period of time of visiting Dr. Helena and talking to the staff, it made me want to stick with it, because I was finally convinced that I would get better. The atmosphere of Inner Spirit is very fun and loving. They actually care about you as a customer and a friend. It isn’t like your regular old boring doctors office, where everyone is always to busy to talk to you. The staff at Inner Spirit is very caring and is always up for a conversation. They are fun to talk to and just to be around.”