Hand, Wrist and Foot Relief





“I was having pain in my hands and wrists. I also was dealing with pain in both feet. I would have to take time during the day to rest my hands from typing, and if I had done a lot of walking, I would put ice packs on my feet. I was taking quite a bit of anti-inflammatory medication, and over the counter pain relievers. I had trouble sleeping at night because my hands would go numb and I would wake up with pain and that “tingling” sensation. I did not want to have to have surgery on my hands or feet.

“I had heard an ad on the radio during a time when my teenage son had been having what seemed to be continuous ear infections. He had also had been having very severe headaches and lower back pain. I decided after hearing the ad to give Inner Spirit Chiropractic a call for my son.

“During one appointment for my son, I was wearing a brace on my wrist. Dr. Helena asked me what was wrong and I told her. She said that she could probably help me with that. I had already seen such outstanding results with my son, so I decided to give chiropractic care a chance.

“Wow… the difference chiropractic has made in my life is huge. I type all day long with very little to no pain in my hands. My feet are in much better shape. I can walk longer distances and I can’t remember the last time I needed to put ice on my feet due to pain. It may sound funny, but I feel that I stand and walk straighter. I have never had a wonderful posture, but now I find myself wanting to sit straight because it feels more comfortable.

“Chiropractic care will have a very positive impact on my future. I think before I grab the pain relief pills. I drink more water. I want to feel better as I get older and I truly believe that with chiropractic I will always feel better.

“I would recommend Dr. Helena Lackner at Inner Spirit Chiropractic to everyone I could. I have always felt that chiropractic care has its place in our well being, but now as a patient, I am always speaking of how chiropractic can help everyone.

“My experience at Inner Spirit Chiropractic is nothing but positive. From the moment you walk in you are made to feel like family. The staff is friendly and always willing to help and to listen when you need them. Both Dr. Helena and Dr. Nicole are very professional Peoria chiropractors, and at the same time so much fun to be with. I don’t think anyone could ever top the way Inner Spirit Chiropractic treats people. If you leave without a smile on your face, it’s your own fault.”