Immune System



Jennifer Cross

“I knew many moms who were seeing Dr. Nicole. I liked the idea of chiropractic, but didn’t go until I was completely frustrated by my doctor’s inability to figure out what was wrong with my daughters. Adara (2 at the time) had a constant runny nose the entire winter for both years of her life despite being breast fed. In mid October, Adara had a runny nose again.

“Ashlynn was 3 months ol,d and for the previous two months she was so congested she couldn’t breath lying down and she would wake up every morning around 3 A.M. I would move to the recliner with her and keep her upright so she could breath. During the day you would never guess that she had severe congestion problems nightly.

“Our doctor told me nothing was wrong with either of my children, but offered me an antihistamine for Ashlynn. I was angry; I didn’t want to cover it up with medications. I wanted to fix the problem. On top of all this, I was getting a kink in my neck that would last 3-4 days, and happen twice a month.

W”ithin two weeks of starting chiropractic care, Adara was no longer congested. Ashlynn started sleeping through the morning until 7:30 after only three weeks. I was delighted!

“My neck pain was gone in a couple of months. I also noticed improvements in areas I did not talk about. I no longer had urinary incontinence, a “gift” from my first pregnancy. I sometimes get sore throats for no reason and Dr. Nicole was able to get rid of those too.

“Dr. Nicole has aligned Adara’s elbows and wrists numerous times. Adara loves gymnastics! Because of this activity, she does horrible things to her arms and neck. Once Adara fell off the curb and hit her elbow and immediately cried for Dr. Nicole. At the next adjustment, sure enough her wrist and elbow were slightly out of alignment.

“Adara is basically potty trained, but one Sunday she had four accidents. Before I became too frustrated, I asked Dr. Nicole about it. Sure enough, Adara had swelling on her tailbone. After the adjustment she had no more continual accidents.

“My husband started a few months after us. He would usually have a bad headache one or two Saturdays a month and sleep the entire afternoon. Then he went five Saturdays in a row with a migraine! I kept telling him Dr. Nicole could help . . . and she did. It was adorable when Adara would say, “Dr. Cole work Daddy back too?” repeatedly until he started care himself.

“This decision has many future benefits. Maybe my next labor won’t be so hard on the next baby. Maybe I won’t develop my family’s thyroid problem. Ashlynn’s first scan showed nerve dysfunction in the reproductive area. Maybe Ashlynn will not be at risk for miscarriage or other pregnancy issues. My girls will know that there are more answers out there than just drugs.

“I believe everyone should have chiropractic care. We all deserve the best chance for great health.”