Migraine Headaches




“I was having severe migraine headaches prior to receiving chiropractic treatment from Dr. Nicole. Sometimes I would be so nauseated, I could barely get out of bed or finish a day at work. After receiving treatment from Dr. Nicole, the symptoms gradually disappeared. I was patient, as I did notice a vague difference at first, but the relief increased as time went on. Finally, it got to where I would call for an appointment that day if I had a headache. The staff was always very accommodating to get me in. Dr. would give me an adjustment and at a point the headache would be gone before I got back to my office! Amazing!

“My decision to seek treatment from Dr. Nicole came from her explanation of my symptoms and her sincerity in finding a solution. She remembered every detail I explained to her and addressed it at each session.

“Chiropractic has made a difference in my life in a way that I am free of the anticipatory pain that could only be relieved by medication, that made me drowsy, before chiropractic. I knew if I took the medication, I would have to wait a few hours for it to take effect, and then I would have to tolerate the side effects later. With a chiropractic adjustment, the effect was immediate, with no side effects, except for the rebound of energy knowing she assisted my own body’s ability to do what it does naturally.

“My future after chiropractic – it has made me more of a friend to my body. Instead of numbing it with headache medication, and not trusting what was given within, I allow non-invasive, knowledgeable manipulation to assist the natural process.

“I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who has not had relief from conventional medicine or medication. There is, of course, a place for conventional medicine, and Dr. Nicole is upfront about what chiropractic’s limitations, if any, there might be. I would also recommend chiropractic to families as part of their wellness practice. Starting early with chiropractic can avoid many possible future interruptions in health.

“My experience with the staff at Inner Spirit Chiropractic has been very pleasant. Dr. Nicole educates her staff to the importance of chiropractic care, and they have a genuine interest in seeing the results from her treatment. It is a great experience to hear people talk positively about their benefit received from her Peoria chiropractic care. In working with Dr. Nicole, I have seen that first hand. She also takes care of her staff, and helps in maintaining a positive attitude, continuing care, and educating them on new developments in the practice of chiropractic.”



  • IBS

Denise Graham

“The symptoms I had before starting chiropractic care were migraines, IBS, and severe eye twitching. The twitching in my eye was so severe, that I sought help from an ophthalmologist. She recommended botox for the eyelid to stop the twitching. I was not sure that that was the course that I wanted to take, and then my husband recommended that I try chiropractic care.

“After the first visit to Dr. Nicole, the twitching of my eyelid decreased by 50%, the headache that I had that day went away. Since seeing Dr. Nicole, I have not had an IBS episode, and I no longer take the prescribed medication for IBS. I do not suffer from migraines anymore, and the twitching in my eye has almost completely stopped.

“I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone whether or not they suffer from pain. Chiropractic care will help. I was quite the skeptic about chiropractic care. but now I thank God that my husband recommended it and for Dr. Nicole and her Peoria chiropractic staff. Dr. Nicole and her staff are very caring and compassionate. Dr. Nicole cares for each and every one of her patients, and goes out of her way to help them feel better.”




Kathie, RN

Kathie, RN

“It was meant for me to go to the Balloon festival in July. Being in the emergency room the night prior for a migraine, I was not feeling very well but I had made plans with my husband to go.

“It was there that I met Dr. Helena. She offered me a free scan of my neck. This scan showed the areas of subluxations in my neck. To my surprise, these were the areas that I was experiencing pain at that very moment. These areas were sore to the touch.

“I have lived in constant, daily pain for most of my adult life. I had pain in my neck, lower back and the upper back. About 15 years ago, I began having migraines. At times, these migraines were so severe that I would need to go to the emergency room. The only relief was to be given Demerol; a strong narcotic. This was happening at least once a month, sometimes more. I lost days at a time from my life when this happened.

“A year ago, a new pain started in my hip and down the leg. There was so much pain that I couldn’t lie still to sleep. I was miserable. My physician tried several medications. Nothing worked except but to increase my pain medications. The medications that I was taking were not getting at the root of the problem but only easing the pain for me to live somewhat pain free. My body was building a tolerance to the medications. This is a natural process of the body; to build a tolerance. I saw the need to increase the dose or frequency of the mediation. I know that medications can be toxic to the body. Our body was designed to heal itself in certain areas. Mine wasn’t!

“That is why I made an appointment with Dr. Helena. A full body scan was done. The results were not too surprising to me. All the areas that appeared red on the scan were the exact areas of my pain. I began treatment right away, 3 times a week faithfully.

“These subluxations were irritating the nerves and muscles of my back. Yes, the pain was from the irritated nerves and muscles, but the root of the problem was subluxation. I wanted to get at the root of the problem. Medication may be a necessary thing at times but it wasn’t getting at the root of the problem. It was only covering it up. No more coving it up with medication for me!

“Today, I can say that I have had some totally pain free days. The migraines are coming less often. I’m taking less medication now because the pain is less. I feel like a new woman when I have these pain free days. I am sure that more pain free days are waiting ahead for me as I continue care with Dr. Helena.

“Dr. Helena has the root of my problem at heart. She is not the first chiropractor that I have been to, but she is the first to show great interest in making me pain free! She has made herself totally available to me when I am in pain. She’s not happy if I’m not pain free!

“God sent me an angel that day a the Balloon festival. My angel’s name is Dr. Helena Lackner.”