“I started seeing Dr. Helena Lackner after receiving a flier in my work mailbox. I figured since I am on my feet or sitting in a squad car for 8 hours a day (when I am not chasing down a suspect) what could it hurt? I am sure that this could help my low back pain.  So I made my first appointment.

“Dr. Helena was very thorough with a complete medical history, scans, and X-Rays. I explained at this time to Dr. Helena all of my health problems (endometriosis, work related injuries, and migraines). Dr. Helena took the time to explain everything to me and what the scans and X-Rays meant. After the great experience, I told my husband Keith (who is also a Police Officer) that he needs to check out Dr. Helena.

“After only a few adjustments, I began to notice a difference in the level of pain that I was experiencing with my low back. The pain was dramatically decreasing even while I had my heavy work belt on.  I figured if the adjustments were helping my back pain, how else could I benefit?

“When I began to see Dr. Helena, I was off work because of a work-related injury to my right foot. I had broken bones, nerve damage, and a lot of soft tissue damage so adjustments were not done to my foot at first. I asked Dr. Helena if she could adjust my foot after the broken bones had healed. Am I glad that I asked about doing that! The pressure was released enough on my foot that I was able to work, full duty, with less pain.

“As I continued to see Dr. Helena for weekly adjustments, I continued to see improvements. I was full of energy, having fewer migraines, and less pain in my back and foot. This is when I decided to take my daughter Allison (who was 1 at the time) for an exam.

“Because Allison is my “Miracle Child”, I am very protective of her. Allison was prone to ear infections and always seemed to be on medication for them. It was to the point that her pediatrician recommended that she see an ear/nose/throat specialist to have tubes surgically put into her ears. I decided to let Dr. Helena work her magic on Allison and to see if this made improvements first. That was the last ear infection that Allison had. As a matter of fact, Allison has been an overall healthier child since her adjustments.

“The reason that I called Allison my “Miracle Child” is because of my severe endometriosis. I was told at the age of 24 that I would not be able to have children on my own. I was on numerous medications to help with the pain as well as hormones to help conceive. After nine terrible months of bad side effects, Keith and I were finally pregnant. The joy soon turned to months of problems with the pregnancy. I was plagued with migraines and was hospitalized. I was not gaining weight because I was always vomiting. I was on every type of medication that was available and nothing helped me. My body was pumped with useless medications which means that my baby was also getting the medication. I decided that enough was enough and waited out the rest of the pregnancy. After I delivered a healthy baby girl, I didn’t want to take the chance on another terrible pregnancy.

“I told Dr. Helena about all this and she (along with my husband of course) convinced me to give it another try. After only 10 months with NO MEDICATION I was pregnant. I was very nervous about how this pregnancy would be, after all, I had a two-year-old that I had to chase around. Everything was going smooth, until I got my first mirganes. I can remember crying to my husband that I can’t go through this again! Keith called Dr. Helena at 7am and asked her for help. Dr. Helena was over at my house by 8am and adjusted me. Immediately, the sharp, throbbing pain went away. I was still nauseous, but getting better. I went into the officer in the afternoon for another adjustment and this time, the migraine was completely gone. Thankfully, I only had two migraines with this pregnancy that were easily cured without any medication.

“After all the help that Allison, Keith and I had received from Dr. Helena, it was a no brainer to take my newborn in for an adjustment. Andrew received his first adjustment at a few days old. Andrew is a very well rounded infant and hasn’t had the problems that I encounter with Allison.

“After looking back, I am very thankful for everything that Dr. Helena has done for my family. I only wish that I would have met her sooner!”