Preventative Care



Hans & Josephine Lackner

“Never say you cannot learn from your children!

Hans and Jo

“God gave us a perfect machine, our bodies, meant to last a lifetime and like 99 9/10% of the world’s population this perfect machine has been damaged either by ourselves or by circumstances beyond our control. Dedicated Doctors of Chiropractic can uncover the problems, help repair damage (without medication or machines) and teach our bodies how to maintain good health. If you’re a patient at Inner Spirit Chiropractic you are fortunate to have such doctors, Dr. Nicole and Dr. Helena.

“Without their chiropractic care, my husband would not be standing or walking and would have been given the “alternative” by the medical profession; back surgery, physical therapy, wheel chair and medication for a lifetime of pain. That’s if he survived the operation. NO THANKS.

“As for me, without their chiropractic care, the “medical profession alternative” (to chiropractic care) would be knee, hip and shoulder replacement, maybe rib removal, physical therapy and medication for a lifetime of pain. That is if I survived. NO THANKS.

“My husband and I threw out all un-opened, expired date aspirin. The strongest medicinal items in our cabinet are peroxide, rubbing alcohol and mouth wash.

“We’ve known the good doctors Lackner since they were infants, watched them grow, and it is no surprise that they are compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled Doctors of Chiropractic.

“We are grateful we are patients of Dr. Nicole and so very proud to be her parents. Thank you God for your blessings.”