Tingling in Neck




“Several years ago I developed a stinging sensation on the left side of my neck. My doctor referred me to Proctor Hospital for physical therapy. My neck was worked on, and after several months the pain subsided from the intensity of a “ten” to a “four.”

“After a period of time, the annoying pain returned. Then at the Peoria Veteran’s Medical facility, I was referred to a physician there. He used shock treatments, and put my neck in a sling to stretch the neck muscles. I went for several sessions, but did not meet with any success in diminishing the pain.

“After meeting Helena Lackner, D.C. at Inner Spirit Chiropractic, I began to have chiropractic adjustments done to ease the pain. The discomfort has completely disappeared. This is the first time in years to go from a “ten” to a “zero.”

“I am extremely grateful for this chiropractic breakthrough, for an annoying problem I had for years.

“I have continued to meet regularly with Dr. Lackner. She has also given me exercises to do at home. This combined effort keeps me comfortable and pain-free.

“I highly endorse the work of Dr. Helena Lackner and the entire staff of the Inner Spirit Chiropractic facility. Dr. Lackner has worked wonders for me.”