Cerebral Palsy



Andre & Kendra Allen: Parents of Whitney Allen


“Our names are Andre and Kendra Allen; we are the parents of an 11 year old daughter, by the name of Whitney. Whitney was born with Cerebral Palsy (a right hemiplegia). She is deaf in the left ear, and severe to profound in the right ear. She has a history of seizures and was on depakote 125mg, 3 times daily; she has acid reflux with vomiting; she has a sleeping disorder; which causes her to wake up on/off all night long; and, with all of this going on, she has behavior issues.

“She has been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, ODD, Bi-polar, and been on EVERY medicine you can imagine! Currently she takes (1) 60mg of Strattera per day. Whitney has been suspended numerous times and kicked out of schools, being transferred to behavioral schools, and was also put in a hospital day treatment program for a month. Teachers and principals in the past have just let us parents deal with her, with the suspensions. Sometimes a weekly battle with the schools. We were at our wits end!

“When the doctors, including psychiatrists, did all of their evaluations and tests etc., and put her on all of the different medications, she was a zombie, and our little girl’s personality was gone. We then took her off ALL the mediations, did research on the Internet, and tried all of the “natural” herbs you can imagine!  She also started chiropractic care, with adjustments and acupuncture. It seemed like all of those choices only worked short term. We were back to square one and still at our wits’ end!

“I even remember one night, Andre and I praying in her room on the floor, just reaching out to the Lord for help. We have prayed so much in the past 11 years!

“We started [chiropractic] care February of 2005. Now exactly a year later, Inner Spirit has made a huge impact on Whitney’s life. We have decreased her seizure medication down to 125mg, 1 time per day now.

“Almost immediately, she started having better behaviors in school, and for the most part has continued the pattern for this last year. Her sleeping patterns throughout the night have been much better. She doesn’t wake up screaming anymore. Her hearing has stayed the same, but there is always a chance that it could change in her right ear. Occasionally, we do have to give her some medications for the acid reflux, but that is usually 1 time a month now. Overall, her posture and her adjustments for her CP have improved. Whitney has had a miraculous change overall.

“We have been very pleased with Inner Spirit. We took her three times a week, and now she only has to go to maintain her adjustments an average of 1 time a week. Inner Spirit is also on-call for weekends and emergencies if needed ‘extra.’ They have been so patient and willing to help her every need. We have been so pleased with Inner Spirit and would recommend them to anyone who has a child with special needs. With their caring staff and abilities, we have found them to be the best of the Peoria chiropractors. Thank you to all who are involved at Inner Spirit for the change in our daughter’s life.”