“Dear Dr. Lackner,

“Thank you so much for the change you have made in my son’s life. When he was about five years old, he started to have problems with constipation and soilage. I took him to his Pediatrician, and he gave him laxatives and mineral oil. After a year of no improvement, and the terrible side effects of the laxatives, I took him to a so called “specialist.” He put him through several painful tests, and sent him to a Physical therapist. After three years of trying several different medicines, we still had no improvement. The doctor suggested that we put a tube in his waist that went from the outside of his body into his intestines (something that would look like the spout on a beach ball). We would pour a liquid into it every day to wash him out. He also said it may leak.

“That was the final straw! I told the doctor that we WOULD NOT be doing that! He told me that he wished other parents would have done it sooner. I told him that it was not an option.

“After a lot of prayer, and feeling that there was no hope, my husband heard you speak at a Rotary luncheon. He approached you after the speech, and asked if you could help our 9 year old son. After one month of treatments, we were seeing improvements. After four or five months, he did not have the problem anymore.

“It has been over a year and the problem has not come back. He will occasional have an incident, but is from not eating right for a long period of time – like a long vacation. I can’t begin to tell you the difference you have made in his life. He can go to school and not worry if he is going to have a problem and have to call me and come get him. He doesn’t have to worry about being in the middle of a baseball game, soccer game, or swim meet and having an incident. He can stay all night at a friend’s house.

“We did not meet you until our son was 9, but I only wish we would have known you when he was 5. Just think of all the painful tests we could have saved him from and all of the worry and embarrassment.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! God Bless You!”

Due to the personal nature of this testimonial, this patient wishes to remain anonymous.