Isak was born three weeks early by emergency c-section. My
water broke but could not progress. Isak’s head sat on my pubic bone for over
20 hours. The top of his head was compressed down more on one side because of
this delivery process.

After Isak turned two weeks old he became very colicky at night. He would cry nightly for around
three hours. That is when I did research online to find a chiropractor who
specialized in pediatric care; I saw testimonials on Dr. Nicole’s website that drew
me to call her office.

The first visit with Dr. Nicole Lackner was very thorough in analyzing Isak. It was apparent
with the scans she ran on his spine, lined up exactly with the complaints we
had regarding his colic. The areas that were really showing concern were the
areas of his spine that affect his stomach and intestines. For the first few
adjustments Isak would have bowel movement during or immediately after seeing
Dr. Nicole. Immediately, we saw results in our nightly routine. Isak no longer
cried for hours. Also, Dr. Nicole has been doing cranial adjustments and Isak’s
head is now completely symmetrical.

We are so happy with our decision to see Dr. Nicole, as frustration levels dropped dramatically
with trying to soothe Isak. Still after our continued visits to see her we keep
seeing further improvement.

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