Infant Care



Angela (on behalf of son Kyle, now 14 months old)


“When a friend recommended chiropractic care for my son, Kyle, who was only nine months old at the time, I was so skeptical. You see, Kyle was a fussy baby very early in his infancy, sleeping very little and often waking as few as 4-6 times per night, and as many 8 -10 times per night.

“He was diagnosed with acid reflux at the age of four months, and started taking medication, which eased many of the fits, but definitely didn’t touch the sleeping issues. I knew that it was normal for a breastfeeding baby to wake many times in the night to nurse, but upon waking and feeding, he would still cry for long periods of time before falling back into a restless sleep. The cycle was taking a toll on our entire family.

“I had spoken to the doctor many times, but other than “crying it out,” she had no other suggestions. As I mentioned above, a friend from a playgroup recommended that we call your office, and schedule an exam for Kyle. My husband and I were hesitant, since neither of us had ever seen a chiropractor. We were so exhausted and frustrated that we were willing to try anything, even if it seemed a little out of the ordinary.

“Within the first month of treatment, we became acquainted with a very different baby. We saw more smiles, and had an easier time introducing more solid foods. Kyle started sleeping better and over the past five months, has gradually gotten down to 1-2 waking periods per night. And when he wakes up, he falls asleep within about ten minutes, and sleeps much more soundly.

“I’ve seen the apprehensive look disappear, and now watch him smile and clap after being adjusted. He even runs down the hall to find Christy in the office when he’s finished. His quality of life is better – our family’s quality of life is better. I’ve started seeing Dr. Nicole myself because of the positive change that chiropractic care has made in our lives.

“I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone seeking a healthy, non-medicated, non-invasive treatment that leads you on the path to wellness. I would especially recommend Peoria chiropractor care to parents wishing to have healthy children – our future child(ren) will definitely see Dr. Nicole earlier in life!”