Premature Baby



Shanon Ghere (mom of Mason)

Mason was born on January 8, 2004 at 5 months gestation. He weighed 1 lb 3/4 oz and was 11 inches long.

“My son, Mason Rupp, now 24 months old, was born at 23 5/7 weeks gestation. The odds of him living, or even having a normal life were little to none. Mason spent the first six months of life in a crib at Saint Francis Children’s Hospital. For the first two months, we were able to touch him, but we could not hold him, because he was so small and was on two ventilators. We were told everyday that it did not look good for his survival. Mason has been through more at age two than most people. A grade 2 head bleed, multiple surgeries, oxygen for the first year, heart issues, feeding problems, eye surgery and at 18 months, he still was unable to crawl correctly, walk or talk.

April 4, 2004 - Mason relies on tubes and machines on a daily basis.

“In June of 2004, Mason was released from the hospital and able to go home. I had never been so happy and scared at the same time. The doctors told us that Mason should not be around people other than family for the first year home and that he may not lead a normal life. I did not like what they told me and I refused to settle for their outlook on his life.

“I contacted Easter Seals and asked for help with teaching Mason what a normal healthy six month old should be doing. We started physical therapy. I had to take Mason to their office,  which was a cold environment, different toys, and smelled like the hospital. Mason would sit on the floor and do nothing. The therapist said he may need more help than what we thought!  I never felt comfortable there, and neither did Mason. She gave me handouts with different exercises and positions to strengthen his body, and then there was the cold floor again and nothing. They had already classified Mason as a chronic lung and low tone child, therefore, there was not much they could do. I talked with family members, and expressed my concern and disgust for the medical professionals that were labeling him, and not giving him a chance to be a real person.

Mason could not crawl with his knees under him until after his first chiropractic adjustment.

“The therapist wanted Mason to pick up Cheerios and put them in a cup!! Mason did not know what a Cheerio was –  he had never seen one before. I did not let him have small objects because of fear of choking. I explained that he could not eat solids, because he had a gag reflex problem. So now we had to see a feeding therapist. It was getting out of control, and my son was now labeled with more problems. I could not stand this, and I needed to find help elsewhere.

“My mother heard a radio ad for Peoria Chiropractic care with Dr. Nicole Lackner. I called, and scheduled an appointment in July 2005. We walked in, and instantly the environment was warm and friendly. I was given a lot of information on what she could do for Mason, and he was no longer labeled.

Dr. Nicole adjusted Mason for the first time, and you could see a small change in his body language. After three adjustments, Mason could crawl well on his knees, and no longer did the army crawl. After five adjustments, he could stand on his own, and now he is able to eat solid foods.

January 2006 - Mason walking thanks to chiropractic care.

“He is everywhere, and doing so much more than what the doctors and therapists ever thought he would. Mason has just now started walking on 12/25/05. I am amazed, and extremely pleased with the help Dr. Nicole has provided for Mason. Mason enjoys going to the office and playing with Cristy and Mary Beth. He knows when we walk in, what door to go to for his adjustment, and he will wait until Dr. Nicole opens the door. He is very happy now and is just a regular kid with an amazing background.

“Christmas night 2005, Mason stood up in the middle of the room by himself and started walking. I could not believe what I was seeing. He was walking like a pro. He still crawls, but he prefers to be walking. Mason’s speech is improving and growing at a fast pace, he is able to eat more types of food (no more baby food), and is not gagging like before. Maybe he just needed more time but I think Dr. Nicole and Chiropractic has been a big help in his life.

“Thank you Dr. Nicole, and the staff at Inner Spirit Chiropractic for all you have done for Mason.”